It’s easy to make the right choices. . . when you get the right advice!
It’s easy to make the right choices. . . when you get the right advice!

It’s not easy comparing insurance quotes. Besides getting a “good price,” you want to be sure you’re getting the right coverage. What you really want to do is ask yourself the following question: Are you sure you are suitably covered if you have to make a claim?

JSA’s strength lies in its ability to offer expert advice specifically tailored to your situation. After listening to your needs, we suggest the best possible product on the market.

Our team doesn’t only offer good advice. We are there for you when misfortune strikes. We will support you in your claims and help get you through hard times as calmly as possible.

JSA Going strong since 1896

JSA is a damage insurance company that has been attuned to the needs of individuals and businesses for over 125 years. We ask the right questions in order to help our customers make the best choices.
We work with the following insurers*:
Optimum Assurance
Estrie Richelieu
Croix Bleue
Axa Art
Nothbridge Insurance
Promutuel Assurance
Economical Insurance
Unique Assurances générales
Global Aerospace
Intact assurance
Souveraine assurance
PMU - Pacific Marine
Leclerc Assurance et services financiers

We are members of the Intergroupe banner.

*Please take note that our brokerage has a concentration and business relation with Intact Insurance for our Personal Lines Insurance.
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